What did Jeremiah and Ezekiel teach about the new covenant? In what ways has our society deviated from this teaching

The prophets (Jeremiah and Ezekiel) were not happy that Judah had joined Israel in worshipping foreign gods when God, after letting Israel out of Egypt, had entered into a covenant with them. God had been faithful to them as a good husband is faithful to his wife. Instead, Isreal had broken the covenant and as a consequence, had been ruined. Despite this, the Lord would bring them back to their original home from the countries into which God in His wrath had driven them. There, they would live in safety and would go back to their special relationship with God.
According to Jeremiah and Ezekiel, a new covenant would be put in place to replace the old one. God would fill their hearts with the fear of God so that they would not turn away from Him. God would rejoice at their restoration, delight in their prosperity and resettle them finally in Israel. There would no longer be any need for anybody to teach his own neighbour how to know God. All the people, from the least to the greatest would know the Lord. God would inevitably forgive them of their sins, remember them forever and never turn away from doing good for them.

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Our society today has deviated from this as:
(i) Nigerians have turned away from Christian standard, and have failed to listen to the dictates of God.
(ii) The Nigerian people live a life of sin and materialism.
(iii) Both the church and the state need to play prominent role in the education of the people to turn a new leaf.

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