What did Paul teach on the need for order in society?

Writing to the Romans on “Civil Responsibility”, Paul
admonished them to subject themselves to the governing authorities, for
there is no authority except that from God and those that exist are initiated
by God. Therefore, resistance to “authorities means resisting God and this
leads to judgement.

Rulers, Paul pointed out, do not apply sanction against the good,
but upon wrong doers. The people must fear the authorities and do good and by so doing, they would be commended
by their ruler. However, when they do wrong, fear overtakes them; then the ruler wields his sword on them
accordingly. Therefore, they must be subject to their ruler to avoid the wrath of God. More importantly, to have a clear
conscience, they should pay their taxes and give honour to whom honour is due. 
  • Manifestations of Good citizenship can be
    done as follows: (i) Obeying the laws and regulations the land. 
  •  Payment of taxes, 
  • Exercising other civic responsibilities, 
  • Assisting law enforcement agencies in the prevention of crimes.

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