What does Paul teach concerning the use of talents and how it can be applied to Christians-living today

St. Paul places much importance on the use of individual talents. Talents are special abilities which God has given to every individual. Paul tells us that there should be moderation in our attitude towards grace gifts to us. We must exercise restraint so that we do not misuse them. Instead, they must be used for the well being of our fellow human beings and in the spirit of love and happiness.

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Two ways which Paul’s teaching on individual talents can be applied to Christian – living today are:
(i) Those that possess the gift of good voice for singing are specially endowed by God to praise Him in songs and psalms. They are given special honour in the church to carry on.
(ii) The art of teaching is also a special talent from God. Those that have the talent of teaching should organise Bible lectures with the approval of the church leaders.

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