What Jesus taught about earthly possessions and anxiety during his sermon on the mount

Matthew 6:19-34:  

Worldly possessions: 

  •  Jesus taught his followers not to
    lay their treasures on earth where moth consumes and robbers steal, 
  • They
    should lay their treasure in heaven where it would be safe. 
  • For
    where your treasure is, there will your heart be also, 
  • Jesus also
    said that the eye is the lamp of the body; thus if the eye is sound, the whole
    body would be full of light, 
  • If the eye is not sound, the whole body would
    be full of darkness, 
  • Thus if the light in the body is darkened,
    then, the darkness is great, 
  • “No one can serve two
    masters” said Jesus; for either he would hate one and love the other, 
  • Or he will be devoted to one and despise the other, 
  • Jesus then
    concluded by saying that no one can serve God and mammon. 


  • Jesus taught that people should not be anxious about life; what to eat or
  • Or about their body, what they shall put on. 
  • According
    to Jesus, life is more than food and the body is more than clothing, 
  • He
    also said that birds neither sow nor reap or gather, but are fed by God. 
  • Human beings, according to Jesus are of more value than birds, 
  • Jesus then
    asked, which of them, by being anxious can add a cubic to his stature? 
  •  He wondered why they should be anxious about clothing, 
  • The
    lilies do not toil or spin, but are better arrayed than Solomon, 
  • God
    who clothes the grass will clothe them, 
  • Jesus asked-them to seek God’s
    kingdom and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto them.

Consequences of the misuse of wealth: 

  1.  Earthly wealth is synonymous with mammon, thus if misused, it can
    lead to extreme poverty, 
  2. Lack of concern for others and the nation
    doing evil, 
  3. Pride and arrogance. 
  4. Worship of materialism/worldIiness, 
  5. Widening of gap between the rich and the poor, 
  6. Oppression of the poor by the rich/greedy, 
  7. National underdevelopment,
    famine, scarcity, 
  8. Crisis and war. 
  9. Anger of God.

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