What should be the christian attitude in the face of persecution

1 Peter 4:12-19: 

  • According to Peter, Christians should
    not be surprised at every fiery ordeal, which comes to them, 
  • They should
    not see it as a strange happening tp them. 
  • They should rejoice as in it
    they share Christ’s suffereings. 
  • They should rejoice and be glad when
    Christ’s glory is revealed, 
  • If they are reproached for Christ’s name they
    are blessed, 
  • The spirit of glory and God rests upon you. 
  • They should
    never suffer as murderers or thieves, 
  • Never suffer as a wrong doer or
  • He advised that if they suffer as Christians, they should
    not be ashamed, 
  • Under the name of Jesus, they should glorify God. 
  • It
    is time for judgment to begin from God’s household, 
  • The fate for those
    who do not obey God will be worse, 
  • Those who suffer according to God’s
    will should do right, 
  • They should entrust their souls to a faithful

Types of Persecution Christians encounter today: 

  1. The state restricting their use of the Media such as Radio/Televison. 
  2. Discrimination in job and scholarship allocation, 
  3. Prohibition of open air
  4. Taking over or undue interference in Christian
  5. Disturbance of worship services, 
  6. Withholding of
    privileges e.g. acquiring of state lands, 
  7. Injustice in the courts.

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