what should be the right christian attitude to persecution and suffering, according to Peter?

Any person who is ready to work for Christ must be ready to face
persecution in one form or the other. God said that those who suffer persecution
must be joyful because they would have their rewards for this in heaven,

Peter advised Christians not to be distressed when they have
trials for they are protected by the power of God through faith for
salvation. Christians should believe in God so that the proof of their faith
may be more precious than gold which is perishable and may be found to result
in praise, glory and honour at the end. It is equally stressed that Christians
should be happy to share in Christ’s sufferings because they will be specially
glorified with Jesus Christ who suffered many things so as to redeem us.
Christians are advised not to be conformed to their former lust
which they had through ignorance but that they should conduct themselves with
fear while on earth. They should love, respect and fear God so as to walk in
perfection in His ways.

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