What was Jesus' teaching about himself as the Living Bread?

When the multitude that came to Jesus had been fed, he left for
the other side of the sea. People sought for him and went to him on a boat.
Jesus said that they were looking for him in order to be fed not because of the
signs they had seen. He enjoined them to seek for the word of life which leads
to eternal life. Such food, he said, could only come from the son of man who
has the power to give. The people asked him what they would do as proof that
they were doing the work of God. Jesus told them to believe in him, who was
sent by God. They requested for a sign to make them believe that truly he was
sent by God. They went further that their forefathers ate manna in the
wilderness which was sent down from heaven. Jesus said that manna was sent as a
temporary relief from physical hunger, but God has sent down a living bread
which gives life to the world.

The people then demanded for the bread of life which he said
anyone who eat would no longer be hungry. Yet, they did not believe Jesus
despite the fact that they had seen him. He said that none of those that has
been given by his father would be cast out and that he has come from heaven to
do God’s will.
This teaching is significant in the following ways: 

  • Living
    bread signifies the word of God. 
  • Faith in Jesus is a sure way to
    everlasting life, 
  • Works without faith in Jesus is useless.

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