What was Paul's exposition to the concept of Justification by faith?

Paul says that all men have sinned and fallen short of God’s
glory and it was for this reason that Jesus came into the world to restore man to his former status of union with God.
It is, therefore, incumbent on man to maintain his former status of union with God. It was incumbent on man to believe and
have faith in Jesus in order to become acceptable to God. This acceptance, without conditions, is what Paul termed ‘
Justification’. By being justified, our sins are passed over because of the blood shed by Jesus, so that all who believe,
Jews and Gentiles alike, are redeemed. God’s

righteousness is therefore proven by this unconditional acceptance
of erstwhile sinners.
Fruits to be derived from the Concept of Justification by
Faith leads to
  1. peace with God; 
  2. sharing In the glory of God; 
  3. love of God; 
  4. expiation of sins through the blood
    of Jesus; 
  5. freedom from the wrath of God; 
  6. reconciliation with God; 
  7. salvation / eternal life through the life of
  8. salvation by grace not by self-effort or merit.

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