What were Paul's view on interpersonal relationships in the christian family, in his letter to the colossians

Paul’s teaching on this
chapter was basically on the need for wives to be subject to their husbands,
since this is what God expects from Christians (The man represents God as the
Head of family). He also admonished the husband to love their wives by being
humane and kind to them. To children, he urged them to obey their parents in
everything for by so doing, they please God, Paul warned fathers against
provoking their children lest they become violent. In the same vein he adviced
slaves to obey their earthly masters in everything not with eye service but in
singleness of heart, their service should be with the fear of God, since God
will reward their faithful service.

Ways of avoiding conflicts in the family.

  • The husband and wife
    should act as a role model by religiously playing their expected roles for the
    children to emulate. 
  • The couples should strive to understand themselves by
    making peace at all times. 
  • Fathers should be tolerant with their spouses. 
  • Again, parents should be counseling their children and not provoking them to
    avoid conflict, the family must develop prayer life.
  •  Parents should bless their
    children rather than cursing them, 
  • they should exercise prudence in their
    financial dealings and avoid cursing the children.

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