who was Naaman? narrate his story and mention the lessons learnt from his healing

Naaman was a commander of the Syrian army. He was leprous. He
tried everything he could to heal his leprosy, but there was no solution. An
Israelite slave girl in the service of Naaman’s wife suggested that if Naaman
could go to Samaria, there was a prophet there who could heal his leprosy.
Naaman took to the girl’s advice and collected a letter from the king of Syria
to the king of Israel informing him of Naaman’s predicament.

The king of Israel was sad when he received and read the letter.
He queried whether he was God to kill or make alive that a word was sent to him
that Naaman should be cured by him of his leprosy. Elisha, the prophet of God
then in Israel learnt that the king had rent his clothes. He sent to the king
that Naaman should be sent to him, Naaman went to Elisha who instead of praying
for him or laying his hands on him directed that Naaman should go and wash
himself seven times in the River Jordan and he would be cured of his leprosy.
Naaman doubted, and wondered if Abana and Pharpar, the rivers of
Damascus were not better than all the waters of Israel. Could he not wash in
them and be cleaned? He decided to return to Damascus with great annoyance and
disappointment, but his servant persuaded him to do what the man of God had
commanded. He yielded to the advice of his servant, and went into the river
Jordan. He dipped himself into it seven times and he became so clean that his
skin, according to the bible, became fresh as of a new born baby.
Seeing this, Naaman returned to Elisha with some precious gifts to
present to him as gratitude and sign of thanksgiving, but Elisha rejected
them. Naaman requested that he should be allowed to collect a small quantity of
earth from Israel to Damascus. His request was granted. He put the sand in a
corner of his house and said henceforth, he would serve the God of Israel.
Lessons learnt by Naaman from his healing were: 
  • He became
    convinced that the God of Israel was the only true God:  
  • He
    learnt that prophets of Israel had power to perform healing miracles, 
  • He
    learnt that God is a forgiving God.

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