Why did Jeremiah proclaim God's punishment on Judah? mention the things he would have condemned in the modern day country

God called Jeremiah to deliver or save the people of Israel.
The sins of Israel were revealed by Jeremiah who pointed out that punishment
was inevitable. He urged them to repent from their sins or else God would
invoke His punishment on them.

The people were reminded by God through Jeremiah of His past
favours and he charged them with faithlessness to their first love as shown by
their adultery. The priests, the rulers and the prophets were all alike. They
compromised the worship of God with the worship of Baal.
The priests concerned themselves more with gains than with worship
and the prophets also became corrupted by the general idolatry and immorality in the land. Because of this,
punishment was inevitable and Judah would not be saved. Despite its tight
security, Judah would be desolated as a punishment for rebellion and
What Jeremiah would like to condemn in present day Nigeria

  1. The Nigerian society is full of vices such as nepotism,
    bribery and corruption, religious immorality and all sorts of ills that
    characterised the social and economic sphere of Judah then.
  2.  The
    religious leaders of present day Nigeria are not faithful just as we had during
    the time of Jeremiah. They worship money as against the true worshipping of God. 
  3. The proliferation of churches in the country today would have
    attracted Jeremiah’s attention and total condemnation.

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