A brief note on marketing board

Definition of Marketing board : Produce Marketing boards are bodies set up by the various West African Government and given the sole right to buy and sell agricultural produce ( especially those meant for export ).
    In Nigeria, we have the Cocoa, Palm produce, Groundnut etc Marketing Boards throughout the country. The same thing is applicable to all other West African Countries.
Let’s look at the aims of Marketing boards. 


  • To stabilize the prices of commodities they control. 
  • To buy internally and sell abroad. 
  • To transport and ship produce within and outside the country. 
  • To improve production methods. 
  • Conduct research into approved seedlings, methods of production and control of pest.  
  • Interesting to know the aims but everything have an advantage and disadvantage so below are the advantages of marketing boards.


  • Reduction in exploitation of producers. 
  • Increased supply of infrastructural facilities. 
  • Greater price stability and food productions. 
  • Creation of an effective market information service. 

Below are the disadvantage or problems of marketing boards.


  • Getting information to illiterate farmers. 
  • Political interference in the activities of the Marketing Boards. 
  • In accessibility to producing areas such as the swampy and hinter lands. 
  • The problem of fixing a reasonable price for a particular cropping season. 
  • Lack of skilled personnel. 
  • The scattered nature of the growing areas. 
  • Activities of produce smugglers along the borders. 
  • The problem of what to do with surplus produce. Indeed developing countries needs Marketing boards to grow rapidly in their economy, now that you have learnt about marketing boards don’t keep the wisdom alone you can share to others and also invite others and we do appreciate your comments.  



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