Account for the inefficiency of local Governments in Nigeria since 1976.

  • Inadequate Funds: Local governments do not have enough funds
    with which to operate. Their responsibilities
    are far greater than the funds allocated
    to them. 
  • Embezzlement of funds: Some council officials embezzle funds
    granted to them to run the council. This reduces the
    amount of funds available for public services. 
  • Bribery and corruption: Some council officials demand and take bribe
    before they perform their normal duties.
  •  Nepotism and favouritism: Some officials use their authority to give
    undue favour to relations and friends, for instance, in the award of contracts. 
  • Lack of qualified personnel: Some council workers lack the required
    qualifications for their jobs. This affects the efficiency
    of local government. 
  • Political Interference: The central or state government do interfere
    unduly with the work of local councils. This slow
    down work in the local governments 
  • Inefficient
    council personnel are very inefficient. This affects productivity. 
  • The size of the Local
    Some local
    government are too small to the extent that they are unable to generate enough
    funds to perform their functions. 
  • Over
    Dependence on federal govt. for funds:
    interference by central and state govt. reduces local govt. Autonomy.

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