Brief note about the NCBWA, National Congress of British West Africa

The National Congress of British West Africa (NCBWA), was formed by the 4 British West African countries, namely theGambia, Sierra-leone, Gold Coast ( now Ghana) and Nigeria in 1917 in gold Coast under the leadership of Caseley Hayford.It had its headquarters in Gold Coast and branches in all other three member countries. The main aim of the congress was to unite the 4 British West African countries in their demand for independence.
    At the meeting of the congress that took place in Accra, Ghana in 1920,  the members unanimously resolved to send a powerful delegation to London to present to the Secretary of State for the colonies the demands of the congress. The delegation sent to London demanded for the following :
  • The establishment of a legislative council in each territory, half of which should be elected and the other half to be nominated. 
  • The establishment of house of Assembly comprising the members of the legislative Council and 6 other financial representatives elected by the people to control revenue and expenditure. 
  • The appointment of Africans to Judicial offices. 
  • The establishment of a West African University.

      However, their demands were not granted. The governors of Nigeria and Gold Coast criticized the delegates and accused them of representing nobody except themselves. They were also accused of being politically ambitious and ignorant of the happenings in their home countries. However, various pressures later compelled Sir Hugh Clifford to dissolve the Nigerian Council and replace it with a new legislative and executive Council.

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