Brief note on Cultism

Cultism is one of the greatest social crimes in our society today. This crime is mostly committed in the institutions of higher learning such as the universities,polytechnics and colleges of education. It is sad to hear that cultism is gradually entering some of our secondary schools. Cultism is a menace which should be stopped in totality.
There are various secret cults in our various institutions of higher learning and any time there’s rival group clash within the institution, many innocent lives and the lives of cult members are lost in the process. Should we then fold our arms and allow this menace to eat deep into the fabric our society? There is a need for urgent action against the occultism activities in our societies.
This topic is set out to look at cultism, different cult group’s in the school, origin and reasons for establishing and joining cult group, consequences of cultism and preventive measures against cultism.


 Cultism can be defined as an anti-social or deviant group of people who have unusual religious beliefs and whose activities contravenes the norms or social rules of an institution that is meant to provide education for such individual. The membership, admission, policy and initiation formalities as well as their mode of operation are done in secret and kept secret with their activities having negative effects on both members and non-members.
Cultism is one of the social crimes committed in the universities, polytechnics, colleges of Education and has extended to our secondary schools. The activities of secret cults in our institutions of higher learning have maimed many innocent groups anytime there’s rival group clashes.
below is an art drawing of a cult group in the middle of a forest during an initiation rites.


There are many different cult groups which operate as criminal gangs called campus cults in NNigeria. The prominent cult groups found in most of the institutions of higher learning in Nigeria include the following:
1. Amazons
2. Black Axe
3. Black Beret
4. Black scorpion
5. Buccaneers (a.k.a Sea Lords)
6. Egbe dudu
7. Eiye confraternity
8. Green berets
9. Pyrates confraternity (a.k.a Sea Dogs)
10. Sons of the Night
11. The vikings
12. Dirty bra
13. The sharons
14. The Trojan Horse
15. White Angels
16. The mafia
17. The daughters of Jezebel
18. The Black Queen
19. Dirty Virgins, etc.
The initial reasons for establishing cult groups were to fight tribalism, abolish conventions and maintain law and order, etc. Today the reverse is the case such as violence, rape, gangsterism, abductions, terrorism among other crimes have eroded the purpose of setting up of the societies.


Cultism in Nigeria higher institutions started as fast back and the early 50’s precisely,  in 1952
   There are various reasons for establishing and joining cults. These included are:
 1. For inordinate ambitions ;

2. To intimidate other students ;
3. To pass examinations through unlawful means;
4. To serve as check on the student unions and universities authorities 


Cultism is characterized by illegal possession of firearms, dangerous weapons, colony crimes,  extortion, physical attacks, rape, killings,  etc As a result,  the consequences are not desirable. The consequences of cultism among others include the following :
• It leaves many students wounded or maimed when cult groups clash.
• It leads to loss of innocent lives.
• It leads to expulsion from school.
• It leads to murder.
• It leads to spiritual problems.
• It leads to fear and insecurity.
• It can also lead to academic immorality.
• Clashes of cult groups may lead to destruction, e.t.c

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