Describe any five problems associated with a single party system of government

One Party system of government is a situation whereby
there is only one legal political party in-the
country. China, Tazania and Malawi are examples
of countries with the one party system.
The problems associated with one party system
are stated below:

  1. It is a negation of the
    principles of democracy particularly the fundamental freedom of
  2. The one party system is usually,
    maintained through coercion and has totalitarian and
    dictatorship tendencies.
  3. The electorate do not have the opportunity to make a
    choice between candidates and programmes. 
  4. The system make it possible for political
    office holders to stay in office for too long and
    they could become inefficient and
  5. Also, the electorate have no opportunity to know other views on national matters because they are only limited
    to the views of the single party.

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