Describe the main features of the 1946 Richards Constitution of Nigeria

  • It brought the north and south together
    under one legislature 
  • It granted the north a bicameral legislature,
    i.e. the regional assembly and the regional house of
  • Certain services were reserved to the central
    government and were financed by the centra! government
    e.g.railways, army post and telegraphs. 
  • The
    regional council were used as electoral colleges for representation in the legislative council. 
  • The revenues of Nigeria were given to each
    region in the form of bulk grants Members of the central legislative council
    were at the same time.  
  • The native authorities were linked with the regional assembly and through the latter to the
    central legislative council.
  • Members of the regional council, the central legislature had regional, instead of national outlook.
  • It led to the creation of- regional assemblies with limited powers to legislate on minor matters subject to the gover nor’s reserved powers 
  • Nigerians were in
    minority in the central executive council
  • Limited franchise was maintained -3
    representatives were elected for Lagos and 1 for Calabar.

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