Describe the structure of military rule in Nigeria under the Babangida Administration up to 1990

  • THE ARMED FORCES RULING COUNCIL: This was the highest body which performed
    legislative functions. This was made up of
    the service chiefs, top ranking military
    officers, Inspector General of Police, Attorney General, with the President as Chairman. 
  • THE COUNCIL OF MINISTERS: It was made up of the president, Vice
    President and the Ministers some of whom were military officers while others
    were civilians. It performed executive functions with the president as chairman.
  •  NATIONAL COUNCIL OF STATES: It is composed of the Head of State,
    President, Chief of General Staff, Minister of
    defence, service chiefs of the army the
    Navy and the Airforce, Inspector General of Police, Attorney general and all Military Governors. The function of the council was to coordinate
    and harmonize federal and state government
  • THE JUDICIARY: The judiciary maintained its status quo as in
    the civilian period with the chief justice as the
    head. Inclusive are various tribunals. 
    The secretary to the military government was
    head of public service. Director Generals
    replaced the permanent secretaries by the 1988 civil
    service reforms. 

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