Describe the term State; and what are the features of a state?

State:    This could be define as a society organized
by law within a definite territory under a
single sovereign government Examples of state are
Nigeria, Ghana etc

of a state.  

Before a society could be described as a state, the following features must be
present in such society 

  • Territory: This refers to the
    location of the society, it must be definite and permanent. A
    group of wanderers moving from one location
    to the other can not be described as a state.
  • Population: This refers to the presence of
    people. It should be noted that an area
    where nobody inhabits such as Atlantic, Sahara desert
    etc can not be said to be a state. 
  • Government: This is the body that controls the affairs of the state. There could be no
    state without government and it., should be noted that the government of a state should be recognized locally and internationaly. 
  • Sovereignty: This refers to the supreme
    authority that makes and enforces laws
    within the state without external influence.

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