Discuss the characteristics of the Civil Service

  • Permanence or Security of Tenure: A Civil Servant if he is of good behaviour
    must work for a certain number of years before he
    will be retired. Civil Servants are  
    career officials and they are
    protected from frequent and arbitrary
    dismissal from office. A civil servant can only be dismissed or sacked from office on grounds
    of embezzlement, bribery, and corruption against him. If a civil servant is of
    good conduct he will stay in office
    for thirty five years or attain
    the age of 60 years before he will
    be retired.
  • Impartiality: A civil servant must be politically neutral and non-partisan. A Civil Servant must serve any government that comes
    to power impartially and without
    divided loyalty. A civil servant
    may have his political beliefs but
    he must not express it publicly. A civil
    servant must not belong to any
    political party.
  • Expertise: Employment into the civil service is based on
    academic qualification and merit. People are employed into the civil service to
    occupy positions which their qualification and aptitude are best suited for. This is why
    employment into the civil
    service is based on competitive examination and oral interview.
  • Anonymity: A Civil Servant is not praised or blamed in public for any work
    done by him. If the work done is good the minister who is the political head of the ministry will take the
    praise in public and vice versa. The
    role played by a civil servant in the formulation or implementation of any policy must not be made
    public. The civil servant must remain
    anonymous or in-camera.
  •  Neutrality: The civil service and its workers are
    politically neutral. They are not expected to
    participate in partisan politics unless they resign
    their appointment.
  •  Bureaucracy or Red
    Tapism: There are rules and regulations
    which are strictly followed in the civil service. The various rules and
    regulations guiding the civil service are contained in the genera!
    order i.e. (G. O.) .   and
    financial regulations of the civil service.
  •  Merit: Recruitment into the civil service is based on
    merit and not on quota for them to perform
    their functions very well and ensure success
    of the government

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