Disstinguish between the 1963 constitution and 1979 constitution of Nigeria

  • The 1963
    constitution provided for cabinet system of government whereas,
    1979 constitution provided for a presidential system
    of government. 
  • The 1963 constitution
    allowed the fusion of power between legislative
    and executive while the 1979 constitution
    provided for distinctive separation of powers among the Executive
    and legislative.
  • The 1963
    constitution asserted for the official opposition whereas the 1979
    constitution did not allow official opposition. 
  • The 1963
    constitution upheld supremacy of the parliament while the 1997
    constitution upheld the view that constitution was
  • The 1963
    constitution did not allow prime minister to appoint his members
    outside the parliament while 1979 constitution allowed
    the president to appoint ministers outside the
  • The 1963
    constitution allowed for the appointment of prime ministers
    among the elected parliamentarian while the 1979
    constitution provided for a separate election of the president by the

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