Enumerate the methods used by pressure groups to achieve their objectives

  • Demonstration /Protest:- Pressure groups can demonstrate or protest against a government
    policy through rioting, hijacking and
    holding people as hostages.  
  • Work-to
    No extra work is done apart from
    the normal working period. 
  • Strike:- Pressure groups may refuse to work to back their demand. 
  • Boycott:- Sometimes pressure groups refuse to co-operate with the authorities until their demands are met.  
  • Special Publication:- This is done either in the press or a booklet is published on their action.  
  • Debates
    and symposia/workshop:-
    These are organised to educate the people on their work and also their stand on some issues. 
  • Propaganda /Letters to the Press:- Pressure groups write letters to the press to educate the public and to show their stand on important policies. 
  • Lobbying:- This is done through legislators to persuade policy makers when policies are being .made.  
  • Presentation of gift:- In west Africa, a common feature of pressure
    group is to present gifts to policy makers to influence them. 
  • Alliance:-
    With political parties and candidates who are perceived to be sumpathelic to their
  • Sending a delegation:- Pressure groups select some of their members
    to discuss their problems with the government
    or decision makers. 
  • Ultimatum

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