Explain the political concept of legitimacy. What are the factors that sustain legitimacy in a state?

Legitimacy is the condition of
recognition and acceptance of
the source of authority. A legitimate government is the one that is widely accepted, obeyed and recognised by the people. 

The factors that can make a government to be recognised and
accepted are

  • Good government: If a
    government is ruling to the acceptance
    of the people, such government will normally-be recognised and accepted. 
  • Existence of basis for popular
    participation and collective bargaining:
    When the people have the opportunity of taking part in the decision making process, a sense of
    belonging. is imparted into everybody. 
  • Economic development.which
    brings about good standard of living and
    employment naturally make people to support the
  • Existence of common symbols normally
    create a sense of unity and if government preserve
    such symbols, it will have-legitimacy. 
  • Democratic action is another
    factor that can sustain legitimacy. A democratically elected government will
    enjoy the support and acceptance of majority
    of the people. 
  • Respects for the rule of law is another factor that can sustain the legitimacy of a government. When
    government observes the supremacy of the law
    and the principle of. civil liberty, it will enjoy legitimacy.
  •  Long period of historical
    contacts is another important factor
    that will-promote legitimacy.

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