Government as a subject can be defined in various ways. It can be
defined as a process of making, interpreting and executing the law. It can also
be referred to as an agency responsible for administering the state for the
good of the people.
However, Government can still be viewed from the perspective of an academic field. Therefore Government as an
academic field of study can be seen as that subject that studies the
process of administration of the state as a centre of power. Government studies
the process by which states collects inputs from the populace and the authoritative
allocation of values in form of output. It identifies the organs of government
and examine the functions of each organisation. The relationship
among the organs is also highlighted.

Government as an academic field is also concerned with defining and explaining democratic institutions within a
state. Such institutions like political parties and pressure groups that
promote the operation of democratic process.

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  • Public Administration
  • Poiitical Theory and Ideology
  • Comparative Government
  • International

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Public Administration deals with the study of
the institutions of
the state. Such institutions include the
Civil Service, Legislature,
Police, Executive, Judiciary, Local Government e.t.c.
Political theory/ideology deals with the
study, analysis and
criticism of view of major political thinkers
on political issues of mankind
Comparative Government studies governmental
institutions and
functions at cross cultural level.
International Relations is the
study of Interaction among nations and
international political

organisation like O.A.U, U.N.O.