Give reasons for the creation of local governents in Nigeria

Local government can be defined as the government at the grassroots which through representative councils established by law; exercises specific powers within defined areas.
the reasons for the creation of Local Government in Nigeria are:
  • To bring government nearer to the people so that
    issues that relate to the welfare and well being of
    Citizens can be quickly given attention.
  •  Local Governments are also
    created in Nigeria to satisfy the request and demands of the people
    who have been advocating for one form of
    autonomy from the dominant group.
  •  Local Governments are also created
    in Nigeria to serve as a training ground for politicians
    who may want to seek national political office. It is
    a testing ground for would be national politicians.
  •  Encouragement of grassroot development both socially
    and economically is another reason for the
    establishment of local government.
  •  Local Councils make it possible
    for the country to enjoy some of the advantages of decentralisation. The local
    people may be given the golden opportunity; to take
    certain decisions on their own without refering this to the
    centre. Besides, local Councils enable the local people to
    participate fully in the government of this country.
  •  Local governments enable the local
    people to take active interest in their local affairs
    and contribute immensely in helping to develop the local
    areas. Some local people may even agree to pay special levy in
    order to aid their local council to provide basic amenities.

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