Give reasons for the military intervention in the politics of anyone West African country

  1. Bribery, Corruption and embezelement
    of funds. 
  2. Disrespect for the rule of law e.g. infringement of human rights. 
  3. Politisation of the army.
  4. Ethnicity, favouritsm and nepotism.
  5. Inordinate ambition of the solders.
  6. Absence of
    Constitutionalism i.e. no respect for the rule of the game and sit rights attitude of
    political leaders. 
  7. Economic mismanagement.
  8. Break down of law and order.
  9. Insensitivity of government to public
  10. Election malpractices e.g. rigging,
    thuggery, falsification of results.

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