Highlight any three merits and any three demerits of democracy

Democracy may be defined as a
system of government whereby political power resides in all the people and is exercised by them

Merits of Democracy. 

  • Democracy gives the electorate
    the opportunity to elect leaders of their choice through
    free and fair election.
  •  Democracy also gives to citizens
    maximum fundamental freedom; civil liberties. Freedom of speech, religion and association etc.
  •  Democracy gives room for the rule of law to operate,
    those-in government rule according to the law.
    Therefore democracy is against dictatorship.

Demerits of

  1. Democracy leads to slow decision
    making because opportunity is given to everybody
    to express his or her views before final decision is taken.
  2. It is too expensive and time
  3. In a democratic system of
    government, the ability to rule or take important decision is not a pre condition for
    election into office..
  4. It encourages corruption.

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