Highlight the functions of the Assembly of Heads of State and Governments of the organisation of African Unity (OAU)

  • It acts as the highest decision making organ of the O.A.U.
  • It approves the regulations governing
    the function and conditions of service of the administrative
    secretary General his assistants and the other staff.
  • It decides on the
    admission of new members.
  • It discuss matters of common interest of
    member states
  • It considers
    reports from the secretariat  
  • It has power to establish specialised
  • It co-ordinates and harmonises the general
    policies of the organisation,
  • It
    examines and reviews the structure, composition and functions of all other organs and specialised
    agencies of the organisation  
  • It appoints adhoc committees to settle disputes involving member
  • It appoints the important officers of the
    organisation such as the Secretary

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