Highlight the functions of the president in the 1979 constitution of Nigeria

  • He is the head
    of state:
    The president is the head of state. Thus he
    performs ceremonial functions e.g he
    receives the credentials of representatives
    of foreign ambassadors or high commissioners. 
  • He is the head  of
    He rules the country together with his
    ministers. He is responsible for the success or
    failure of the government.
  • He assents to
    He signs bills passed by the legislature
    before such bills can become laws. 
  • Appointment of ministers: He appoints his ministers and assigns to them
    the ministries they are to run. He also
    appoints the chief justice and ambassadors. 
  • As the commander in chief of the armed forces,
    he can determine the operational use of
    the armed forces. 
  • He exercises prerogative of mercy: The president can grant pardon to any person who is serving a jail sentence, i.e. he can order the release of
    any person  from jail.
  •  Declaration of a state of emergency: The president can declare a state of
    emergency in the whole country or any party of it in certain situations.
  •  Coordination
    of activities of government departments:
    He coordinates the activities of all
    government departments and ensures that all government
    policies are implemented. 
  • Introduction of bills: He can propose a bill to the legislature to
    be passed into law.
  • Presentation of the annual
    The budget which is a statement of. the government’s annual expected income and expenditure is presented by
    the president.
  • Signing
    of treaties:
    The president signs agreements of co
    -operation in different areas of life, e.g. on science
    and technology, agriculture, culture etc.

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