Highlight the main changes introduced into the Nigerian Government by the 1963 Constitution

The 1963 Republican Constitution tried to take away the traces of colonialism hence a lot of changes were embedded in
the constitution. Some of the changes
  • The Governor Genera! was now
    called the president who was no longer the representative of the queen. 
  • The federal supreme court now
    became the-highest court of the land. Appeal to the
    judicial committee of the Privy council was abolished under the 1963 constitution.
  •  Under the 1963 constitution the
    president was elected by the houses of Senate and
    Representative at a joint sitting. He held office for a period of
    five years.
  •  Appointments  to 
    the  Judiciary  and 
    the  electoral Commission were made by the prime
    minister. The Judicial Service Commission was
    abolished under the 1963 constitution.

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