How can the efficiency of the judiciary be guaranteed in safeguarding the rights of a citizen?

  • SEPARATION: If the judiciary is separated from other
    arms of government. Its independence and efficiency
    will be guaranteed.
  •  APPOINTMENT: To safeguard the efficiency of judiciary, its
    officials should not be appointed by the executive
    organ of government. 
  • PROMOTION: The promotion of judges and magistrates
    should not be done by the executive but by a neutral body.
  •  FUNDING: A situation where the judiciary is funded by
    the executive as it is presently done cannot
    safeguard the efficiency of the judiciary.
  • I MMUNITY: Judges and magistrates should enjoy some
    elements of immunity if the independence of
    the judiciary is to be ensured.
    If officials of the judiciary receive better
    treatment, it will make them not to look like beggars and
    promote their efficiency.
  •  REMUNERATION: Salaries of judges and magistrates should be
    paid from the consolidated fund.
  •  LONG
    : If the position of judges and magistrates
    are secured for a . longer time, it will safeguard
    the efficiency of judiciary.

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