How can the revenue of Local Authority in your country be improved?

  • Grants from the centra! government
    should be increased
  •  Grants to local authorities should be
    paid regularly and promptly to
    encourage investments in viable projects 
  • Local rates should be reviewed and where it is low, it should be increased
    to cater for inflation, 
  • The
    revenue collecting sector should be overhauled and only qualified
    officers with proven integrity should be responsible for
    collecting revenues,
  •  The local authorities should be allowed
    by the central government to raise
    loans more easily from financial institution  
  • More revenue yielding projects should be embarked upon e.g. commercial
    agriculture, housing projects, etc.  
  • The
    local people should be well educated to pay their rates regularly  
  • Regular auditing of the accounts of the local

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