In what ways does Nigeria Maintain friendly relations with other African states?

Nigeria maintain friendly relations with
other African States through a
number of ways:
  •  Establishment of embassies  and 
    appointment of ambassadors  or 
    High   Commissioners  to African Countries  to 
    represent  the  interest 
    of  Nigerian Government.
  •  Humanitarian assistance in period
    of disasters just as the Babangida regime sent food aid
    to Cameroon when there was volcanic eruption.
  •  Economic assistance like provision of money to the
    FNLA to enable the. party fight for the
    independence of Angola. Also Nigeria aided SWAPO in the fight
    for Namibian Independence.
  •  Military assistance to quel
    uprising and Civil War is another way Nigeria has been
    maintaining friendly relations with African States.
    The use of ECOMOG force to restore peace in Liberia is a case in point.

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