In what ways does the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) look like a Confederal type of Government?

Confederal type of government is a loose political arrangement in which autonomous or sovereign
states come together to form a union in which the functions of
government are reserved exclusively for the component states
with a weak centre.
  • OAU is a union of organisation of
    sovereign states. 
  • Major functions or
    powers of OAU are reserved exclusively for members states.
  •  The organisation has a weak centre
    which is its secretariat.
  •  The constitution of OAU did not
    reduce the powers of its member states rather they are very
  • Member states have constitutional
    right to secede.
  •  Citizens have to obey government of their own country
    and not OAU.
  • Member states of OAU retain their
    own army and policy. 
  • Member states of OAU retain their
    sovereignty and identity

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