In what ways is the civil services different from the public corporations?

The civil service is a body of
stable officials who have !he function
of assisting the executive in the formation and implementation of government policy while public
corporation are government enterprises sets up by an Act of legislation to provide essentials
service such as water, electricity etc.

The differences stated as follows: 
  1. Civil service is non profit making
    organisation while public corporation is expected to make profit.
  2. The employees of civil service
    are called civil servants while public corporation staff are know
    as public servants.
  3. The civil service is managed by a
    minister advised by the permanent secretary, while public corporation is managed by members of board of directors.
  4. The civil servants are employed by
    civil service commission  while staff of a public corporation are
    employed by the board of directors.
  5. The political head of a ministry
    is referred to as a minister while public corporation
    political head is called chairman.

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