The philosophy of this course is based on the fact that no society or country can develop or prosper if the citizens lack the awareness of basic democratic values and socio-political institutions in the country.
    For a nation to achieve political stability or orderly development, the citizens must display in their conduct the unalloyed sense of patriotism/nationalism, political literacy and desirable habits. This values and habits must be devoid of tribalism, greed, corruption, favoritism, and bitter political wrangling.
  It has been noted that between 1960 and 2005, Nigeria has about eleven (11) different political regimes only 3 of which were civilians. It is also noted that we have experimented with some political systems such as parliamentary and presidential systems respectively with none working. In fact, the Nigerian political scene has according to political analyst, been characterized by discontinuities, uncertainties and instability.
 The ugly situation were mainly attributed to maladministration, electoral malpractice and corruption which have now permeated the fabric of the whole society.
     It is in recognition of the need for stability and positive socio-political orientation to facilitate national growth that this course on Citizenship Educationis now being taught in all tertiary institutions in Nigeria, It is hoped that the course will provide a viable means for sustained development and cultivation of positive values and attitudes. It is also expected that the course will sensitize our students to the rules and regulations governing all Nigerians as contained in our constitution.
      Conclusively however, it is fervently hoped that these courses in citizenship education will lead to the ultimate achievement of our national objectives of a free, democratic, just and egalitarian, united ; strong and self-reliant, great and dynamic society with bright and full opportunities vis-a-vis eradicating our fears of hopelessness and political uncertainties.   



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