Trace the constitutional evolution of federalism in Nigeria upto 1954

Federalism is the division of power between
two levels of government that are coordinate.
Nigeria was amalgamated in 1914 by Lord
Lugard. He created the Nigerian council made up of 36 members! The Clifford constitution of 1922 did not
incorporate the representation of Northern
Nigeria in the legislative council into the constitution.
It was the Richard’ Constitution of 1946 that
established three regions but the regions were
heavily dependents on the centre. At the 1953 London constitutional conference,
salient decisions relating to setting up of central
and regional marketing boards were
taken which also enhanced-the adoption of federalism in Nigeria. Far reaching decisions that
impacted on federalism were also
taken at the resumed Lagos conference of 1954 where it was decided that the judiciary and the police
should be regionalized. It should also be
noted that the Macpherson constitution
of 1957 made the regions to be dependents on the centre. However a true federation was established under
the 1954 Lyttleton-constitution. The
constitution was a product of the London constitutional
conference of 1953 and the Lagos constitutional.. conference of 1954.

Under the 1954 constitution, there was the
federal civil service and at the same time regional civil service with
different civil service commissions.
Decisions of the regional Legislature were no longer to be approved by the
federal cabinet. It can be clearly stated
that the 1954 constitution established Nigeria as a truly federal state.

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