What are the characteristics of feudalism?

  • It is based on land ownership. 
  • Land is vested on the king or monarch or
  • The serfs (tenants) pay their overlord’s
    annual tributes in money or kind. 
  • The overlords are duty bound to protect
    the serfs.  
  • Feudal tenants give military services to
    the overload.
  • Only a vessel of the lord can receive
  • It is characterised by close personal bond
    between the lords
    and serfs.  
  • Vessels keep the land as long as he
    performs his feudal duties e.g :
    payment of tribute, military services.
  • The
    land goes back to the lord when the vessel dies without
    an heir.
  • The monarch is the law-maker, judge
    and   commander over his vessels

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