What are the functions of political party?

Functions of Political Parties
  • Interest Aggregation: Political Parties serve as avenues to synthesise the views and opinions of the people on national issues to produce a common aspiration and public policy.
  • Political Articulation:Political parties as a matter of importance articulate the interest of the people. This forms the foundation upon which the party will base their electioneering campaigns.
  • Leadership/Personnel Recruitment : Political parties brings together experts that will run the affairs of government.
  • Mobilization : They also serve as avenues to mobilize the electorate to participate in the political system through rallies and public enlightenment.
  • Political parties check the excesses of the government/power and serve as watchdog to avoid bad ruler ship.
  • Political parties unify the people. It is one major avenue through which people come together from different cultural and cultural and religious backgrounds for a common purpose.

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