• They help in policy formulation:
    Members of the pressure group often give expert views to government that can
    help in policy formulation. For example the
    Manufacturers Association of Nigeria’ often advises
    the government on matters of economic concern. 
  •  They protect the interest of
    members: pressure groups can defend any of their members who is being
    maltreated. It is common practice among the members of
    the Nigeria Union of Journalist to protest arrest and detention of their members.
  •  They act as agents of political education and
    socialisation.Members of pressure group do impart knowledge
    about political activities with a view to
    influencing members on stand to take. 
  • They can be consulted on
    technical matters. The government of Nigeria will find
    it desirable to consult members of the Chartered institute
    of Bankers and the Institute of Chartered
    Accountants of Nigeria on issues relating to Budget. 
  • They serve as public opinion forum. Pressure groups
    often meet and deliberate on matters of national
    significance and thereafter take a stand. Such
    stand can be regarded as the opinion of the group on such burning
    issue. For example the National Union of Petroleum and Natural
    Gas of Nigeria was seriously in support of
    the validation of June 12 election

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