What are the problems facing ECOWAS?

The Economic Community of
West African states was jointly conceived by the former Military Head of State of Nigeria –
General Yakubu Gowon
and his Togolese counterpart president Eyaderna. And that the treaty of the Economic for
West African states was signed on 28th
May, 1975. Problems
facing, ECOWAS are: 
  • Political Instability in member
    states. This results in different approach to ECOWAS issues by
    leaders of member states. 
  • Inadequate finance: Many members
    states do not fulfill their financial obligation as at
    and when due. This is crippling the effective operation
    of ECOWAS.
  •  Colonial linkage to erstwhile
    master is another factor affecting ECOWAS. Francophone
    nations that are members of ECOWAS may not lend their
    weight to matters of the organisation that will negatively
    affects France.
  •  Difference in currency is
    affecting the volume of economic transactions in the sub region.
  •  The free movement of citizens is’
    causing concern as countries like Nigeria is
    witnessing excessive influx of citizens of other ECOWAS

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