What factors limit the sovereignty of a government?

  • The Constitution: The constitution defines the powers exercised
    by the various levels of government. It therefore limits the
    powers of the government. 
  • The Electorates: Ultimate power belong to the people. Any
    government therefore is responsible to the people whose
    collective affairs it directs. 
  • Public Opinion: Governments at times take into consideration
    the opinion of the public on certain issues when formulating policies. This limits the exercise of their power. 
  • International Law: This deals with relationship among nations. States
    or nations that refuse to obey international laws may
    face some sanctions. 
  • Regular Auditing
    of Accounts:
    The accounts of public corporations must be
    audited regularly. This ensures accountability and
    .good management.
  •  International Organisations: Nations which belong to international
    organisations e.g. U . N. O. must obey any collective decisions 
    taken by the organisation. 
  • Interdependence of States: Countries particularly the less developed
    ones depend on the  developed
    ones for aid. The donor country can influence both
    the domestic and foreign policies of the recipient country. 
  • Customs- and Tradition: The customs and tradition of the people
    impose serious  limitation on the sovereignty. 
  • Coup D’ etat: Forceful take over of government through
    military coups limits the sovereignty of the state.

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