What is foreign policy?

Foreign Policy:- refers to the strategy and tactics employed
by a
in conducting her relationship with other states while
pursuing her interest.

Basic factors that influence Nigeria’s foreign policy

  • Historical background e.g Nigeria’s membership of the common wealth  
  • Ideological disposition of the rulers: countries tend to relate more with those countries with
    similar ideologies  
  • The military strength of Nigeria (i.e
    size of the army and the quality influence her foreign policy) 
  • Types of government e.g. military to democratic governments
  • The economic resources available to Nigeria e.g. mineral resources and agricultural products
  • Population: Large size and the quality of human resources of Nigeria affect her foreign
  • Commitments of previous
    governments e.g. treaties and Pacts  
  • The industrial strength of Nigeria
    influence her choice of trading partners-e.g. Electricity supply to
    Niger, Republic of Benin and Togo, Gas to Ghana.
  • Public Opinion on issues can bring changes in government foreign policy e.g. Anglo -Nigeria pact of
  • Location – Africa is described as centre
    – piece of Nigeria’s foreign policy.

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