What measures can be taken to make public corporations more efficient?

  • REGULAR AUDITING OF ACCOUNTS: the accounts of public corporations must be audited regularly. this ensures accountability and good management.
  • RECRUITMENT OF EXPERIENCED AND QUALIFIED PERSONNEL: More qualified people should be recruited and
    they should be well paid.
  •  There should be no Political Interference: The management of public corporations should
    be free from political interference. This
    would enable them to be more dedicated
    and creative. 
  • The government should provide enough funds: Government should increase its annual grant
    to public corporation to enable them buy
    essential equipments they need. 
  • They should not enjoy monopoly: Private individuals should be allowed to own
    and control public corporations if they have the
    resources. This will ensure ‘competition
    and efficiency. 
  • Prompt payment of rates: The members of the public should be
    educated on the need to pay their rates promptly and
    regularly. This will increase the   revenue base of public corporations. 
  • Corrupt officials
    must face legal action:
    Any official of any public corporation who
    embezzles funds must be made to face trial. This
    is one way of discouraging corruption
    in public corporations.

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