What were the causes of the 1975 military coup de'tat in Nigeria?

  • Corruption: The government was corrupt because encouraged corrupt practices of contractors, government officials, e.t.c.
  • Government was
    not able to arrive at a definite figure for 1973 census-. Government announced only
    provisional figures which were not generally acceptable.
  • The government disregarded public opinion on some major national issues, e.g creation of more
  • Mismanagement of public funds.
  • change in the proposed date for return to civil rule.
  •  Mismanagement of the armed forces
  •  Indecision on the part of the then
    government on major policies of government e.g. redeployment of
    governors and permanent secretaries.  
  • Port-congestion leading to scarcity of essential commodities.

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