What were the main decisions of the General conference of 1950 in Ibadan.

Sir John Macpherson
became the Colonial Governor of Nigeria in 1948. He initiated moves and drafted a constitution which was debated at the village, district,
provincial and regional level and
later on at a general conference held in Ibadan in January 1950.
  • FEDERAL SYSTEM: That Nigeria should
    be divided into three regions and there should be regional autonomy.
  • EQUALITY OF REGIONS: There should be
    equality between the North and South in representation in the central legislature. 
  • LAGOS: That Lagos should
    be constituted into a federal territory separated from,the western region.
  • CONFLICT:-  That in case of conflict between a
    central law and a Regional law with respect
    to any matter, on the concurrent list, the Regional law should prevail.
  •  VETO POWER: That the central
    legislature could exercise veto power over regional bills.
  •  MORE REPRESENTATION: That the constitution should allow the
    creation of a larger and more representative
    regional legislature with increased powers.
    should be given ministerial responsibilities to enable them participate in
    the formulation of policies both in the central council of ministers and in the
    regional executive council.
  •  HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVE: That a central
    legislature to be known as House of Representative and a central executive-to be called
    council of ministers
    should be established.
    service commission should be established to advise the governor on matters relating to the
    appointment, dismissal, discipline and control of public servants or to any matter affecting the
    public service.

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