Why has it been difficult for many African countries to implement the principles of Non-Alignment?

Non alignment means neutrality in the
Ideological struggle for Supremacy and control between
the West bloc as led by the United States
of America and the East bloc led by the Soviet Union. Many African countries had found it difficult
to implements the principles or Non-alignments due
to a number of reasons. 

  • Colonial linkage to former masters.
  •  Aids and Economic assistance.
  • Political struggle among the elites that
    often led to solicitation for
    foreign helps e.g. In Angola Jonas Savembi got support from the West while Edward Do Santos got support from the east. 
  • Many African nations have also found it difficult to implement the philosophy of non alignment due to military
    weakness. Many African nations rely
    on either the western or eastern powers
    for military assistance either against rebel movements or neighbouring attacks. For example in Mozambique, the struggle for power between the
    RENAMO movements and the FRELINO movements was fostered by external power that differently support the group
    that they wanted to be in power. 
  • Inability to maintain domestic law and order
    due to outbreak of War is another factor promoting difficulty in implementing non alignment philosophy. 
  • Jack of commitments on the part of African
    leadership is another factor contributing to the
    problem. Many .African leaders are stooges and appendages
    of Western imperialists. 
  • Trade direction is another factor that
    hinders the implementation of the philosophy
    of non-alignment; African nations trade more to
    the west mostly hence they always till towards
    the west.

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