Why was the Policy of Association introduced in French West Africa?

The main reason that led to the introduction
of Association policy was due to the
total failure of Assimilation policy. 
What led to the failure of Assimilation
policy are itemized below: 

  1. There was cultural incompatibility between the French and West Africans. 
  2. The Policy did not accord any respect for the African traditional rulers.  
  3. The policy was direct rule.
  4. Africans were divided unto citizens, and
  5. Education was restricted to many Africans because the type of education introduced was
    religiously motivated.
  6. The policy did not allow the formation of
    political parties and publication of independent
  7. It led to the introduction of
    indigene at policy. This is a policy which gave
    French administration the right ‘to imprison
    any African for two years without trial. 

Characteristics of the policy of association

The policy of Association championed for the recognition and preservation of the traditions, political institutions, religion, customs and culture of
the people. Its characteristics or features of the
policy are stated below:

  • Under this policy, the French gave
    recognition to African culture. 
  • The oppressive indignate at policy was abolished. 
  • Local National Assemblies were created. In
    other words laws were now made in the colonies. 
  • It accelerated the granting of Independence
    to most French territories. 
  • It gave Africans more freedom in the running
    of their local affairs.

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