Why was Willinks Commission enquiry set up? Give an account of its major recommendations.

The commission had
to look into the grievances of minority groups and their agitation for separate slates and
make recommendations.
However, the commission identified two genuine fears among the minorities. 

  1. The
    use of physical force by political parties which is becoming a feature of Nigeria
    politics was seen by the commission as a threat to democracy.  
  2. Regional governments did not secure in its majority
    attempt to met the wishes of the minorities.


  • That creation of
    more or new states will not solve the problems of the
  •  A strong united
    police force under federal authorities was recommended. 
  • The need to entrench
    the fundamental human rights in the constitution to safeguard the interests of the minority. 
  • Non-Muslim in the
    North not willing to be tried under Muslim laws
    should have options of being tried in another court of justice.
  •  No change in the
    boundary between the North and Western Regions.
    Any change should come through plebiscite.
  •  Annual reports for both special and
    minority areas were to be submitted to the House of Representatives and Regional Houses.
  •  Establishment of
    special development boards for Niger Delta areas.
  •  Minority areas with special council
    for both Calabar and Mid-West to monitor regional governments.
  •  Financial and other
    responsibilities to be shared equally by both the regional and federal governments. Nigeria should be
    declared a special area.

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