Start Up Decision - What Motivates People to Begin New Businesses

why people become entrepreneurs
why people start business
  1. Introduction/Definitionof Concepts

It  is  worthy of  note  to consider  what  motivates people  to  begin new  businesses particularly  when one  reflects  on what  it  takes to  start  a new  one  in the  Nigerian environment. Itshould be understood that new businesses are not created by accident, butclearly intentional. Entrepreneurs are driven by challenges which they pursueand overpower.  These challenges inNigeria include the fears of funding, hardworking, complete failure anduniversal delayed profit in the stabilizing years.

Withthe current problems of joblessness, poverty, miss-trained graduates andgraduates in unneeded courses, many Nigerians are venturing intoentrepreneurship without considering their personality. Only your interest tobe an entrepreneur is not enough, your personalities,  whether in-born  or developed in  skills, experiences, lifestyles  andresourcesalong with your individual suitability for the different available options;majorlydetermine  your  success at  business  creation. Your personality has a lot doindetermining the choice of business that is right for you.

InNigeria, a lot of successful entrepreneurs today failed at several attempts inbusinessbefore achieving the desired outcome in just one or two. They alwaysclaim to ‘hit it’ inthe successful one. Yet a lot are still beginning theirownbusinesses on daily basis.Besides the personality, certain factors available toindividuals also assist to motivatethem to begin a business. What are thesefactors?

FactorsThat Motivate People to Begin New Businesses                   


As  students  the  main  factor  that  could  motivate  you  tobegin a new business on graduation is non-availability of Government or privatejobs in Nigeria. However, there are several other factors motivating people to beginbusinesses.

Financial Ambition: 

The necessity to be rich legally and fast maymotivate someone to begin a new business. His interest is the financial reward that entrepreneurship can bring him.  It has to generate enough profit. This is verycommon in Nigeria.

Desire  to  Control  the  Economy: 

There  are  some  entrepreneurs  whowant  to  control  the  entire  or certain  aspects of  the  economy  of  their  people.  In Nigeria today, Odua Group of Companies, JimohBraimoh, Wale Tinubu, Otedola,Dangote are individuals being motivated by their desire to control certain aspectsof the Nigerian industry.       Today is controlling the building industry, haulage; petroleum and food industries. The desire of such persons or their group motivates them to continue to start new businesses.

Desire to pursue a business idea:

A business idea may occur from anysource to a prospective entrepreneur. He may eventually be motivated to pursuethis idea and begin a new business.

Advantage of an opportunity in the market:

When an opportunity opensup in the market, some entrepreneurs could take advantage of this, explore it andeventually get motivated to start a new business Inherited Family Business:  An  inherited  family  business  can  be  amotivating factor for the establishment of a new one.

Desire to be their own boss:

An employee could be motivated by hisdesire to be his own boss and become an entrepreneur. He/she eventually begins a new business that will be under his or her full control. They want to be their ownboss  and  in  charge  of  all  of  the  day-to-day  operations  of  a  company.  The entrepreneur  wants  to  be  the  one  making  the  important  business  decisions,determining  the  direction  the  company  will  take,  making  the  call  on  product development  and  marketing  and  being  responsible  for  every  aspect  of  the company’s operation.

Replicating a Business Idea found in Another Environment: 

Someentrepreneur who travel may come in contact with a business idea that is new tohis environment. This may be replicated in the new place by the entrepreneur onhis own or with the assistance of the original environment.

Frustration with low Pay:

A worker frustration in a company may decide to get out to establish his own outfit which he believes can compete favourably withhis previous employer. Note that he must have acquired enough experience fromthem. He knows the weaknesses and strength of the previous company.

Thedesireto control their own destiny, Preference for a Smaller CompanyEnvironment: The preference for asmall company environment with the desire toput a personal touch back into doingbusiness may be a motivator for beginning anew business. The drive to start a business comesfrom.        Someone might           feelupsetworkingin a largecorporation/company, can become very impersonal.

Lack of opportunity in previous employer: 

Just like being frustratedwith low pay, an employee that lack opportunities one way or the other may befrustrated. This may be the motivating factor that will turn him into an entrepreneurwith a new business.  A talented person that the employers could not retain couldbe motivated to begin a new business.

The desire “to make things      improve the world”: 

someone can be motivated to begin a new business if he/she feels highly pressed to make thingsthat will improve the lot of common man in his society.

Invite to begin someone else’s business:

There are situations wherean entrepreneur invites someone to begin a new business for him/her.

Maintain own ethical values which their employer didn’t share:

The desire  by  a  prospective  entrepreneur  to  maintain  his  own  ethical  values  maymotivate  him to  establish  a  new business. The mis-match between the values, goals and ambitions of these entrepreneurial spirits and their employers is a verystrong motivating factor for establishing a new business

Desire to be involved in operations: 

Some entrepreneurs could be frustrated in a business and feels confident that he/she possesses the necessarycapacity and interest in running a successful business. This motivates him/her tostart his own and be directly involved in all operations – the design team, sales,marketing, engineering and production.

Exposure to Some Available Fund:

The availability of some excess fundthat is not being used may motivate the idea of beginning a new business. A lot of bankers, civil   servants   politicians   retire   with   a   lot   of   gratuity   to   becomeentrepreneurs.

Spirit of returning to the society: 

Whilst a number of motivations couldcome  from  entrepreneurs  driven  by  the  spirit  of  returning  to  the  society  whoalready  feels  accomplished  but  now  want  to  contribute  back  to  the  society  byoffering valuable services to their customers. He/she may then decide to start forthem new businesses that may or not even compliment his/her original business

Life after Retirement:

The fear of what to do to augment their pension salary challenges retirees to begin a new business. Retirement age in Nigeria is between 60 and 70 year depending on one’s profession.  To prevent their earlydeath, medical doctors have recommended that retirees at that age range shouldbe involved in continuous activities like that of their offices while in service. Retirees are therefore motivated by these two challenges to begin their own businesses.

Favourable   Government   Policies   and   Procedures:  

A   favourable Government policies and registration procedures can motivate entrepreneurs to begin new businesses. The Nigerian Government has a lot of polices in place to assist entrepreneur. These include the establishment of special banks like the bank of commerce, agriculture and industries, Government policy tolerates Civil Servants  to  venture  into  any  area  of  agriculture  while  still  in  service  and  the protection   of   creativity   and   innovations   of  original   works   with   the   Nigerian. Copy right Law policy. Several registration rules and procedural requirements of businesses   in   Nigeria   are   also   made   less   cumbersome   and   majorly   and electronically online. 

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